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Remote Vital Health Brings you One of the Most 

 Truly Turn Key RPM/CCM/TeleMedicine Programs Available!

After the latest Covid health threat, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), as well as Critical Care Management (CCM), have become an essential part of Health Care Management.

The utilization of these necessary tools by Health Care Professionals has been hampered by the amount of additional work involved to implement them.

Remote Vital Health...powered by iHeatlh Labs has incorporated years of experience to undertake nearly all of the work associated with RPM and CCM, allowing Health Care Providers to do what they do best...take care of their patients!


Call 347-534-8029 today for a DEMO and let us show you how with Remote Vital Health...powered by iHealth Labs., Remote Patient Management & CCM you will successfully reach beyond your goals!

REMOTE VITAL HEALTH ... Powered by iHealth Labs


 Unfortunately, NOT all RPM is created equal, in order to achieve this goal. This is where MyRemoteVitals...powered by iHealthLabs together with our "Unified Care Team" makes our Remote Patient Management & CCM secure the best results for both patients & physicians. 



Check out How Much Revenue Your Practice Can Earn with Remote Vital Health RPM/CCM: 

PROVEN SUCCESS with the 'UNIFIED CARE RPM Web Portal...powered by iHealth Labs



Let Remote Vital Health...powered by iHealth Labs

Do the work for you... Discover a Turn Key RPM/CCM Program

A COMPARISON of most RPM services and why Remote Vital Health RPM is ahead of the pack: 

Past Issues with Other RPM Services:

1. Limited Connectivity for Patients without smartphones.

2. Patients had difficulty setting up devices  

3. Patients were not motivated

4. Physicians needed more support in order to provide proven, value-based medicine

5. Doctors are responsible for patient onboarding

6. Patients were NOT motivated to follow programs


7. Past RPM Billing disputes with Medicare, created billing and reimbursement issues for Physicians

8. Non-English speaking patients were left out of RPM

9. Patient Privacy Issues have arisen in the past



1. We provide both wifi, bluetooth and cellular based home devices

2. Our Team of Dedicated MA's & Health and Nutrition Coaches ensures patient compliance.

3. Our dedicated staff's follow up secures patients utmost Engagement and Compliance with the Physician "Unified" Care Team Health Experts CALL Center.  

4. RVH's APP gives Patient Reminders, Notifications, &Texts and Daily Follow Ups, and secures proof of RPM value-based patient results.  

5. We do it for you..RPM Patient Qualifying, Onboarding & Device Set-Up  

6. We offer a State-of-the-Art Platform and APP,covering both RPM & CCM Patient Care Plans Implementation, including Nutrition & Exercise

7. We provide a RPM/CCM Billing Specialist, Supporting Your Success 

8. RVH provides Multiple Languages including Spanish, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

 9. Our HIPPA Compliant Platform ensures privacy while having patient health data transmitted with layers of checks & balances in place.

Our Chronic Care Management/Remote Patient Monitoring program focuses on diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and other chronic conditions.

Physician-Centered 'Unified Care' Team Credentials

We have built a world class professional care team that has Certified Diabetes Educators, Registered Dietitians, and Clinical Assistants working side by side with Physicians to provide personalized care plans for chronic disease patients.

Patient Clinical and Technical Support

  Our 'Unified Care Call Center' provides a physician-centered care team to assist the remote monitoring and case management, allowing physicians' to create customized care plans for each patient, which is be supported by our Unified Care Team of MA's and Nutrition Counselors, 

available M-F, 10am-10pm EST.  Technical Support for Devices is also available, M-F,  12pm - 10pm EST.

 Wireless, Easy to Connect, State-of-the-Art Devices

 In addition, We utilize the best bluetooth devices, hardware and software, alongside a physician-centered Unified Care Team to provide a well-rounded care plan to help patients in clinics and at home. Bluetooth connected devices, secure data sharing and analytics, and personalized real-time service medical devices are delivered directly to your patients’ door, so on-boarding is done remotely and easily.


FDA-Approved, State of the Art’ Medical Devices, including: 

   Blood Pressure Monitor      Glucometer       Pulse Oxymeter 

                                         Weight Scale    Thermometer            


Integrated Patient-Centered Care Delivery

We combine Telemedicine with HIPAA compliance video visit and care coordination, mobile internet, Bluetooth connected devices, secure data sharing and analytics, and personalized real-time service.


                                                       Set up a DEMO TODAY ...CALL 347-534-8029

Don't get left out ...Choose the most comprehensive, Turnkey RPM/CCM service. 

Call us today, for more details.                                           

What does 88% represent?

 88% represents the percentage of healthcare providers that have invested in — or are evaluating remote patient monitoring technologies to support high-risk, chronically ill patients at risk for hospital readmission.  Source: Spyglass Consulting, “Trends in Remote Patient Monitoring,”. 

*Please Click on the Link to access articles:  



Remote Vital Health 

Is designed to enable almost anywhere and anytime visibility into a patient’s condition. 

Our RPM/CCM (Remote Patient Monitoring/ Critical Care Management) products and clinical decision support tools deliver a more connected user experience while streamlining workflow.  

Workflow solutions provide essential functions such as continuous monitoring from low to high acuity, early warning scoring, mobility and data security. 

Adaptable and net-workable, central monitoring systems directly to your providers office incorporates innovative features—such as flexible trending and display capability, advanced alarm management and virtualized platforms—that place them at the core of patient monitoring in a broad range of care-giving environments. 

Our Vision

To provide a TRUE RPM/ CCM Turnkey Solution to Physician's, that includes one of the most advanced RPM/CCM platforms,  easy to use and set up, reliable devices, as well as an entire Unified Care Team of qualified and experienced MA's, and Nutrition experts. This  enables the physician to provide the BEST patient monitoring and follow up, the latest medical technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools that help healthcare professionals diagnose, treat and monitor their patients and improve medical outcomes.  When it comes to your patient's health, we know you want the best!

Our Mission- True Turnkey Success!


Our Mission is to help and empower doctors to BEST manage their patients’ chronic conditions by providing a complete Turnkey Solution with the  Unified Care Team for Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring program. 

We utilize hardware and software alongside a physician-centered Unified Care Team to provide a well-rounded care plan to help patients in clinics and at home, while greatly increasing the practices’ earning potential. 

We also strive to enable providers and medical staff to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent remote devices, data analytics, applications and services, powered by our iHealthLabs platform, changing patient wellness through strategic remote monitoring where our providers and their staff provide real-time care for their patients.

Remote Vital Health...powered by iHealth Labs CREDENTIALS